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MCLANAHAN Triple-Shaft Horizontal Screen

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Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 2.15.02 PM.png McLanahan triple-shaft MAX Horizontal Screens combine the efficiency of horizontal screens with the simplified maintenance and life cycle of an Inclined Screen.

Producers have the ability to change the stroke, speed and amplitude to fine-tune the screen to their specific application and feed conditions. This can be very useful for portable operations where the screen may see various usages and applications, as well as in static installations where clean, fine cuts are critical. Adjusting to a longer, more horizontal stroke allows for coarse scalping applications, while adjusting to a shorter, more vertical stroke allows for finer separation.

Because of the high G-forces and angle of stroke, plugging of the screen openings is virtually erased. This provides a more continuous open area for separation.

Why McLanahan Horizontal Screens?

McLanahan’s MAX Horizontal Screen is a triple-shaft screen that can be used in a portable plant application or as a stand-alone product in fixed plants. It is typically used in finer screening applications that are horizontal. The McLanahan MAX Horizontal Screen provides you with a screen design that sizes and separates material more accurately and efficiently than an Inclined Screen.

The McLanahan MAX Horizontal Screen line continues on the strength of the MAX Inclined Screen. These high G-force, triple-shaft, oval stroke machines are known for their efficiency and reliability. With features like high-strength steel side sheets, strong fixture-welded screen decks, easy change springs, and quick knockouts for wet screen applications, the MAX Horizontal Screen is the next level in triple-shaft, oval-stroke screens.

Additionally, Horizontal Screens typically offer better efficiency (accurate particle sizing) than Inclined Screens because the material is retained on the screen longer, with a slower travel rate to the end of the screen. This allows more properly sized material to fall through the screen openings. In a stationary plant setup, they are more often seen as tertiary (third stage) and/or finishing screens. Horizontal Screens are also often specified for portable plants because of their low profile.

How Horizontal Screens Work

Horizontal Screens are utilized as a low height aggressive action screening device. They are built with a dual shaft (creating a straight line action at approximately 45 degrees to the horizontal) or a triple shaft (creating an oval action with adjustable stroke angle typically between 30 and 60 degrees from horizontal). A primary feature of the Horizontal Screen is its aggressive action in applications where blinding or plugging of the screen media openings can occur.

Horizontal Screens operate at zero degrees, but can be adjusted to about 10 degrees in either direction, allowing them to function at a lower overall height than inclined screens. They can have two or three shafts located within the screen box’s center of gravity, with timing gears and counterweights designed to provide either an oval or a linear motion, or they can provide linear motion via out-of-balance motors or geared exciters, within which eccentric weights are mounted onto both ends of a shaft located above the screen box’s center of gravity to provide vibratory motion. Horizontal Screens provide high G-forces to vibrate and move the material down the length of the screen.

McLanahan H Series MAX Screen Overview

Facts About Horizontal Screens

Flat screens operate at zero degrees.
Provide a lower profile height for increased suitability on portable plants.

Generates more G-force required to dislodge par­ticles that might potentially blind incline screens.

Produces an oval stroke pattern that can be adjusted to suit the application for increased flexibility through manipulating stroke length and timing angle.

Triple-shaft design distributes the load over a larger area and utilizes smaller bearings that can run faster and provide a longer operating life.

Produces a consistent material travel speed along the entire length of the deck.

The screen can also be con­figured to enable a slower travel speed than Inclined Screens for higher efficiency.

The relationship of the trajectory to the screening media is at a true right angle, where Inclined Screens essentially reduce the amount of open area. Inclined Screen operators often compensate for this by install­ing cloth with slightly larger openings than the desired top size.

McLanahan Corporation provides proven processing solutions backed by their renowned service and support. For more information on the McLanahan MAX Horizontal Screen line you can visit

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