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The PHOENIX / KISA Bucket Wheel - Versatility In Aggregate & Dredge Processing

Original source: PHOENIX


The PHOENIX/KISA Bucket Wheel is designed for the capture, de-sliming and dewatering of a wide range of solids, including construction aggregate (sand & gravel), specialty sands, granular tailings from mining, dredged slurry, and more. Bucket Wheels are uniquely designed for high solids tonnage recoveries with exceptionally low power requirements. The dewatered solids are readily conveyable and stackable.

The wheel is equipped with multiple buckets. The wheel diameter and bucket width help determine the solids handling capacity. The surface area of the slurry bath defines the hydraulic capacity.

The Process:

Sand, gravel and other granular materials are delivered to the feed box in the front of the bath. Material is picked up by the buckets as they move through the slurry bath. Siphon assisted pipes return the water and material that pass though the sieve mats to the bath. Dewatered solids move through the discharge chute and onto a conveyer, then eventually stockpiled. Waste fines flow upward in the bath to the overflow launder.

PHOENIX/KISA Bucket Wheels

PHOENIX/KISA Bucket Wheels
PHOENIX/KISA Bucket Wheels capture, de-slime and dewater aggregates/sand and granular tailings from wash plant operations and dredging applications.

PHOENIX/KISA Bucket Wheel advantages to consider:
  • Applications cover a wide range of materials including rock, gravel, and fine or coarse sand.
  • Reduces energy, maintenance costs and capital investment.
  • Separates silts and other deleterious materials from various feedstocks while dewatering and transferring product directly to belt conveyor.
  • Available models provide high solids capacities from 100 to over 1700 tons per hour of sand recovery.
  • Load-sensitive automation adjusts to varying feed rates.
  • Planetary drives provide low power consumption.
  • Handles large surges in feed making it ideal for dredging.
  • Large sumps provide high hydraulic capacity.
  • Superior performance, greater reliability, and lower maintenance costs than sand screws…
  • Slow operating speed and absence of vibration and robust materials of construction ensures lower maintenance costs versus sand screws, hydrocyclones and dewatering screens.

Typical applications of the PHOENIX/KISA Bucket Wheels include washing, classification, and dewatering of:
  • Construction Sand
  • Frac Sand
  • Gravel
  • Waste Fines
  • Dredge Slurry

For more detailed information visit the PHOENIX /KISA Bucket wheel web page directly on the PHOENIX website. You can also contact PHOENIX directly to discuss an on-site field demonstration by calling them at 502-499-6198. PHOENIX is available to discuss complete systems tailored to your requirements including: Classification, Separation, Scrubbing, Effluent Treatment, Water Recovery, Fines and Tailings Dewatering & Disposal.

... GO TO The PHOENIX / KISA Bucket Wheel - Versatility In Aggregate & Dredge Processing TO READ MORE

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