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Merlo Roto R50.35 S PLUS Reaches High

Original source: AMS/Merlo


Applied Machinery Sales is the official importer and distributor of Merlo machinery in the USA, with a national network of dealers. Merlo Telehandlers and Rotos are designed to work in the most demanding conditions in any industry, during any season, where performance in terms of lifting capacity and engine power make all the difference. Designed for operator efficiency, Merlo telehandlers come equipped with enclosed cabs with AC/heat, 360 degree operator views, intuitive controls, and nimble maneuverability thanks to the hydrostatic transmission and three steering modes. Merlo telehandlers deliver unparalleled comfort, efficiency, and versatility to every job.

Merlo Roto R50.35 SPLUS - Advanced performance with lift.

The Merlo Roto R50.35 S-Plus, with its 115’ lift, is fast becoming the go-to telehandler for construction industries. Offered exclusively to the US market through AMS-Merlo and its national network of dealers, the Roto50.35 S-Plus is the complete package with its 20° tilt cab, 115’ lift height, 89’ reach, maximum capacity of 11,000 lbs., 360° rotating turret, independent stabilizers, innovative safety system, and remote control (standard feature.) Attachment versatility is a stand-out feature on all Merlo Rotos. Along with the standard forks, Rotos accept a wide variety of attachments such as buckets, jibs, hook on carriage, winches, jib with winch, manbaskets, grapple saws,, and others.

All about the Operator

Merlo cabs are all about operator comfort and efficiency. The spacious cab supplies operators with unobstructed (360°) views and expands those views with the 20° tilt when the boom is fully extended. For improve operator comfort and efficiency , the spacious interior has ergonomic controls, dual joysticks, Heat/AC, and a heated seat for those extra cold days. For improve operator comfort, the interior is 10% larger. Heat and AC, plus heated seat.

With increased comfort comes higher efficiency. An operator controls the machine functions with the dual interactive electronic capacitive joysticks. The right joystick is mounted onto a multifunctional SMART armrest. The left stick mimics several controls found on the intuitive dashboard. Turret rotation is controlled by a miniature mouse located on the joystick. The SMART armrest’s two sensors automatically detect the presence of the operator’s hand, preventing erroneous or accidental joystick movements. For seamless operation, functional controls, such as stabilizer placement and machine suspension, are integrated into the armrest as well. Controls can be customized for up to nine users.

Safety Always

Merlo’s Adaptive Stability Control System (ASCS) collects and analyzes different machine parameters -- load position, boom extension angles, turret and carriage rotation, stabilizer position, load weight -- in real time to create the load diagram. This data translates into a visual representation on the interactive 10” LCD. Plus, the ASCS automatically recognizes, and incorporates, attachment information into the data. Onboard diagnostics is standard.

The R50.35 S-Plus, the largest of Merlo Rotos available in the USA offers an optimally balance chassis, ensuring continuous elevated levels of performance within its still very compact size (28’ x 8’ x 11’). The R50.35 S-Plus exterior has strategically placed handles and foot treads for easier accessibility. Plus, a ladder on the engine side, is positioned for easier cab access even when the turret is rotated to 180°.

Power and Speed

The R50.35 S-Plus offers a 170HP engine. Acceleration, from 0-25 MPH, happens without torque interruption or pausing for gear change. The electronically controlled EcoPowerDrive (EDP) hydrostatic transmission reduces fuel consumption without losing performance. A CVTronic transmission is optional.

Visit Merlo’s Roto R50.35 SPLUS page to find out more, or visit to check out Merlo's full product line.

Merlo telehanders and Rotos are available throughout the USA via our dealer network. Click here to find your local Merlo dealer.

To learn more, please call 803-327-4949, email To see the full Merlo line and find a dealer check out the website at

... GO TO Merlo Roto R50.35 S PLUS Reaches High TO READ MORE

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